Cell Diagnostic LLC

RusMailing address: Belarus, 220040, Minsk, Nekrasova str., 35, corp.1, pom. 1H

+375 29 3 911 690

About us

We are a young rapidly developing company, founded in July 2016. We have a strong and established position in the country, with well-established logistics, accounting and tender systems, and of course our key asset is our expertise in healthcare field.

We are closely connected to healthcare and diagnostics field and professionals of Belarus, and are in contact with healthcare organizations in various specific healthcare fields, including ART, fertility, cancer diagnostics and treatment, general diagnostics.

We have extensive experience in Medical devices/IVD registration in Belarus, which is an obligatory and country-specific procedure for sales of Medical devices/IVD.
Top management of our company have vast business experience (10 years up to top management) and medical-biological education (1 – Master’s degree, 1 – PhD, France), plus lab experience and management skills from end users to decision makers.

Sales/marketing force have biophysical/biological/medical (incl. 1 PhD, 1 MD) + business education.
At present there are two main directions of our activity: scientific research (R&D labs, cell technology labs, immunology and oncology labs, where we deliver a wide spectrum of kits and reagents for their needs), and clinical application, which is in the field of ART (we are distributors of such well-known companies as FertiPro N.V. (Belgium), Halotech S.L. (Spain), DxNow Inc. (USA), Gynetics (Belgium), Microptic S.L. (Spain) (VET/production field only).

Our company offers full-time and rapid customer support on training, education, application and regulatory issues, in special cases referring to KOLs in the field.
Our company is constantly participating in organizing Belarusian city and regional conferences and workshops/round tables in andrology/ART field, bringing KOLs for lectures and practical training. We are a full-time participate/exhibitor at national conferences and exhibitions related to ART, andrology and gynecology.

Our main partners

Dx Now
Cryo Bio System
VLV bio